Prayer: Our Father and Redeemer, we look to you for help and grace as we languish in this vale of tears, struggling to pilgrim through this existence wrecked by sin. We confess that we often grow weary as we seek to do good. We confess that this life is often hard as we seek to work through the troubles and travails that this life offers. Indeed, the more we see how rotten this world is, the more we long for the blessed hope of eternity with you. Sometimes, we think it is our only hope, and, indeed, it is because life is brief and our lives are a vapor. Father, we know that your Son suffered while serving. Too often, we forget that. We know he entrusted himself to your will, but we sometimes want our will, not yours. Please forgive us. Please hear our cries for mercy and grace as we continue moving forward. Please give some relief to us as we strive to do what you command. Please, we beg you, give to us the joy of your salvation in those times when it is hard to find and seems beyond reach. Our God, we know that you do all things well. Yet, we confess that we do not often understand why evil people slander us, oppose us, and smear our names. We plainly admit that it doesn’t feel very good. We want to revile those who revile us. We want to seek revenge, though we know you forbid it. Instead, you tell us to love our enemies and pray for them. We confess that it is hard to do. We are miserable creatures. Therefore, our Father, please help your redeemed people during those times of great anguish. Please silence the mouths of those who oppose your church. Please rise up and defend your people and all those who oppose the Savior. Please unmask their evil intentions for the sake of your children. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 3

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