Prayer: Our God, how long will you be angry with your church for the ways in which we have wandered far from your commands and refuse to do that which you tell us in your Word? We confess that we, as your redeemed people, are often lured by the things of this world and turned aside to do those things that are displeasing to you. We confess that we have not perused your Kingdom and righteousness and that we often live our lives satisfying the desires of the flesh and the mind. We acknowledge our struggle and cry out to you to rescue us from our ways and turn our hearts to you. Yet, in your kindness, you are pleased to give us the leaders we deserve because you long to see your people cry out to you and plead with you for help from those who would trouble your church and your people. Your Word is clear that you will not be mocked by those who sow iniquity and refuse to do what you have said. You have graciously told us that you are near to all who fear you. Therefore, we pray that you would turn our stubborn and hard hearts to you, working in us that which is well-pleasing in your sight. Please forgive us, Father, for not taking your Word seriously, for turning to our ways, for not living lives of self-denial for the sake of your Kingdom. We are like sheep that often go astray, yet, you are pleased t patiently and carefully guide us by your Word. Please help us in our miserable estate and grant us a genuine desire to do what you tell us. Grant to us, O God, a love for you and soften our hearts to the things of the gospel for the sake of Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 79

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