Prayer: Our God in heaven: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we humble our selves before your majesty and adore you for your holiness and beauty. You who dwell in unapproachable light, we worship and magnify. We confess to you that we do not always govern our words in our conversations — both online and in person. We know that these issues stem from remaining sin residing in us. We are reminded of the words of your Son, who told us that these transgressions come from within, and those are the things that defile. We confess our loose lips and careless use of conversation on the internet. We ask that you would grant grace to us that we may not sin against you, making our religion worthless. We ask that you would give us gracious and kind hearts. We pray that you would teach us to speak the truth in love. We plead with you to grant us your Holy Spirit that we might erect a guard over our lips. 

We thank you that you hear your children when they pray. We adore you for stooping to listen to the smallest cry of your children. We praise you for not casting us aside when we fall short before you. Help us and be merciful to us we ask in the Name above every name, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Isa. 6; Psa. 29; 1 Tim. 6:16; Jas. 3; Matt. 15; Phil 2:5-11

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