Prayer: Almighty God, as your chosen people and treasured possession, we come to pray and plead with you for the things we need. Indeed, we are needy people, depending on you for everything necessary in this life. You grant us rest. You give us our daily bread. You have provided us with many good things in this life, and we are thankful for your gracious provisions. You have made known to us the path of life. Where else would we go? To whom would we seek? You have the words of life. Therefore, our God, we pray and ask that you would continue to guide us and help us. We live in difficult days, and our world falls under the weight of sin. We know that the only hope is your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, Father, as your children, we plead with you to advance the kingdom of grace through your ordained means. May you be pleased to rescue many with the Good News of the Gospel. May you be willing to save our families and friends who do not know you and face a terrible and tragic eternity. May you be pleased to turn the hearts of our leaders to you. May they be pressed in their heart and minds with the reality of your presence and the knowledge that they will give an account before you on that great day. Forgive us, Father, for our careless use of time, not using it wisely to advance your kingdom and the hope of the Gospel. Please grant us many opportunities to minister that which is most needful today: to glorify you in all that we do. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Ex. 19; Ps. 16:11; Jn. 6:60-71; Matt. 6:9-13, 25-34; Eph. 5:15; 1 Cor. 10:31

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