Prayer: Our Father in heaven, we gladly humble ourselves before you today, knowing that we are your adopted children. As our Father, you stand ready and able to help us in all of our needs and concerns. We praise you for your kindness and for demonstrating your eternal love in the person and work of your beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We praise your Name today because you have granted us another day to serve you with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. Forgive us for our sins of omission and commission. We do not want to do what is evil in your sight. We long to please you in all of our thoughts and actions. 

Today we pray for your church and your people. We long to see your churches full of men and women, boys and girls singing your praise and worshiping you. We know that you seek the whole earth for true worshipers, and we ask that you would be pleased to bring many into those places of worship that strive to honor you and worship you as you have commanded. We long to see your kingdom come and your will be done. We desire to see the kingdom of darkness destroyed, and the kingdom of grace advanced. We ask that you would purify your church and bless her and make her a ready bride for her Husband. We pray this in the Name of the Savior. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Eph. 1; Ex. 34; Psa. 118:24

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