Prayer: Our glorious God in heaven: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we ascribe to you and bless you for your marvelous deeds and transcendent majesty. You are the alone fountain of all that lives and moves and has its being. We adore you for your love and grace — for redeeming sinners from a life of misery and placing their feet upon the solid Rock, which is Christ. We confess to you that in our wanderings of this life, we often forget your Word. As pitiful creatures, we need your constant reminders offered by a loving Father. We have enjoyed that blessing this past Lord’s Day as your Word was read and, especially, preached. May your Spirit seal to our hearts and minds the things that we heard, and may they bring forth the fruit of it in our lives.

We ask that you would work in the lives of our families. First, that those families of the earth that name of the Name of your Son would love you and glorify you and pursue righteousness and holiness. Second, that our loved ones who are aliens and strangers to your grace would be brought into your family, adopted as children of the Most High God. We pray for their salvation. We plead that you would be willing to rescue them from their pitiful state. Help them. We ask for Christs’ sake. Amen.   

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 29; Psa. 36:9; Heb. 4:2; Luke 8:15; Psa. 119:11

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