Prayer: Our God in heaven, you who are holy and righteous, the only true God of heaven and earth, the God who is full of lovingkindness and grace and always does what is good and right in the lives of his people, we bow before you because we are a needy and desperate people. We confess to you own weaknesses — those that show up in our minds, emotions, actions, and, sadly, in our hearts. We are creatures of dust. We are a pitiful people. We often wander from your commandments. We often forget the promises of hope that you extend to the sheep of your pasture. We know that there are seasons of plenty in which we know your presence and are thankful for the comfort of your hand that guides and leads us. We know there are seasons of dryness in which we wonder where you have gone and why you will not help us. We know that in those times of great struggle, you have not left or abandoned us. You cannot do that, for you have promised never to leave or forsake us. Yet, Lord, there are times when we are weary of the pilgrimage.

There are times when we grow tired of the constant onslaught of others. We mourn our existence and cry out as the Psalmist, “How long, O Lord?” Please teach us your ways. Please grant us comfort that can only come from you. Men will fail us. People will exhaust us. The troubles of this life are legion. Yet, you, Lord, are good and will gently and carefully walk us through the darkest valleys for your people’s good and the glory of your name. Please rescue us from any doubt that you love us and show forth your grace and kindness today and every day we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psalm 23

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