Prayer: Our God, you have granted us sleep and given us a new day to serve you with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We arise in a new week having heard your Word preached on the Lord’s Day. We have been challenged, convicted, encouraged, edified, and given the means you ordained for our good. We pray that your Spirit will seal those things to our hearts and bring forth fruit of the labors in our lives. We give you thanks for the proclamation of your most holy Word. We thank you for your wisdom in that you have ordained the foolishness of preaching to feed and strengthen your people. We thank you for those men who are faithful to you, working diligently in the study to understand your mind and the intention of the Spirit who wrote your Word for our good and your glory. We confess that we have already forgotten much we heard in the preaching of it. Please grant us the readiness of mind to recall those things and give us the zeal to meditate and confer with those things so we can see the fruit of it in our daily experiences. Forgive us for the times we are hearers only and not doers of your Word. Please help us, our God, for we are mere creatures of dust. These things we pray for the sake of Christ and his kingdom. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Jas. 1:22-24

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