Prayer: Our Father, we are thankful that we have been granted access to your throne to bring you our praise and petitions. It is fitting that we, as your redeemed people, would ascribe to you glory and strength because you alone are worthy of it. You sit above the circle of the earth and regard the inhabitants as grasshoppers. Yet, as immense and mighty as you are, you have regard for us and care about our smallest concerns. Therefore, we come today to pray and plead with you for those things that trouble our minds and souls and ask that you would hear us for the sake of your Son. We confess that we are often prayerless in our prayers. However, we know that your Word tells us that you hear us as we pray. Therefore, we pray for those in our families who have not embraced the hope of Christ and the Gospel. We pray that you would open their eyes to the truth and convince them of their great need for the Savior. Please impress upon them their mortality and show them the folly of rejecting the only One who alone saves. We pray this knowing that we are powerless to convince minds and change hearts. Yet, we also pray that we would be bold to not only speak a word in season but to live according to your Word as godly examples for our lost family members. Be pleased, Father, to rescue many and save them from the misery of their fallen condition, we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Ps. 29; Is. 40:22

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