Prayer: Grant, Almighty God, that you would be willing to help your redeemed people as they journey the narrower path that leads to life. We are thankful to you for your infinite wisdom as we move from day to day, navigating the various twists and turns that the narrow path follows. As in the church of old, you led them by your mighty hand, and we ask that you will do the same for us today. We beg you, our God, to help us lean not on our own understanding of things but instead trust you with all our being.  We beg of you to remember us for good and remember your promises to help us when we are weak, granting to us your all-sufficient grace. We confess to you that we are like sheep that easily wander. We pray that you, the Good Shepherd, would tend to our every need as we learn to trust you. We further ask that you remember us for good, blessing us with your grace and strengthening us by your Spirit. We ask that you keep us invited to the True Vine, strengthening us because of his work that rescues us from our sins. May you bless and keep us, we ask, for the sake of Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Mediation: Prov. 3:5-6; Psa. 23

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