Prayer: Our Father, you have given us your Word to guide us and direct us on how to live in this world that is wrecked with sin. We, too, though redeemed and cherished people, are prone to the ways of this world. Too often, we use our tongues in ways that are not edifying. Sometimes, we confess, we use our tongue to grumble and complain about various matters. Worse, we use those occasions to slander others. As such, we display the darkness that remains in our hearts. Forgive us, Father. Please purge from us the tendency to use our tongues for cursing, not a blessing. We ask you to help us mortify the deeds of the flesh because we know that a restless tongue will do much damage in the lives of your people. Please grant us true repentance from these things, and may we see your Spirit work in such a way as to increase our self-control. 

We pray for your church today, wherever she may be found. We take note of the real enemy of your people and his hatred against all that you are doing. We plead with you to protect her and keep her. We ask that you purify her and make her ready for her husband. We thank you for the church and the means you gave her: preaching, prayer, and the sacraments. May you grant your people an increase of grace to walk according to your purposes, and may your Spirit fill our minds and hearts so that we would not sin against you. We pray these things in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Phil. 2:14-16

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