Prayer: Our great and glorious God in heaven, we thank you for your Word that reminds us often of our need for you and for the righteous work of your Son who alone atones for our sins and transgressions. As we read this Psalm before us today, we are, again, reminded that no one is truly worthy to sojourn in your tent or dwell on your holy hill. For whom among creatures of dust can say that they have walked blamelessly and always done what is right? Who can say they have never slandered their neighbor or devised evil in their hearts? Who can say, with any semblance of truth, that they have always done what they said they would do? For these things and many more, we acknowledge our great need of the One who has done all of these things in thought, word, and deed and done so with perfect righteousness. We recognize that he alone can dwell in your presence. Yet, as your children, secured by the work of the Righteous One, we have access to you where you live and reign. It isn’t because of what we have or have not done, but only because of what the Savior did and is doing. Therefore, Father, we thank you for your Son. We thank you for the righteousness that is his being imputed to us as we, by faith, trust him. We thank you for your patience as we seek to obey the words of this Psalm and ask that you forgive us for the many times we fall short of your glory. We pray these things through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 15

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