Prayer: Our God in heaven, we praise you, O LORD, because you have rescued us from our miserable condition and brought us up from the prospect of death and ruin. Though it is appointed unto man once to die, we have no reason to fear because your Son has conquered death and the grave. We praise you because you have not left us as you found us — miserable and lost. As we cry to you, you hear us and help us, and you do not let our enemies rejoice over us. Though we face the daily onslaught of people who hate you and refuse to bow the knee to you, we will be openly acknowledged and acquitted on the day of judgment. Therefore, we can sing praises to you and rejoice in you for your marvelous work. Thus, holy Father, please help us to praise you and serve you knowing that you love us and protect us from the efforts of the Evil One to ruin us. Please help us to live this day thankful for your marvelous deeds, and your infinite grace and mercy poured out on us. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 30

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