Prayer: Hear us when we cry out to you, O Lord, for you are our rock and shield and deliverer. Hear us when we set our needs before you and when we come to you with things that bring us trouble in this life, for we could not bear the burden if you shut your ears to us and become deaf to us in times of distress or trial. We live in a sinful world and are sinners in desperate need of your kindness and grace. Indeed, O God, we need your ears to hear and your arms to act against those that would cause us ruin or attack your church or seek to harm the name of the Lord and his kingdom. We thank you that you are not like the deaf gods of Israel who could not hear though their followers cried out day and night. We thank you that you are not like those gods, powerless to do anything. Instead, you work for the good of your people and accomplish your holy will in their lives. We thank you for giving us the blessing of corporate worship where we can pray to you as one people, lifting our hands in the sanctuary for things that we need. We thank you for being our strength in times of great weakness, and you save and rescue your people in your good time and according to your good pleasure. Though we are often distressed by things that happen to us and sometimes fret and worry over matters we cannot control, we are grateful that you forgive us for those times we doubt you. We acknowledge that you are our God who will care for us, and though we do not always understand your ways, for they are higher than our own, we know that you regard us as the apple of your eye and will never forsake us to the wicked. Therefore, Father, forgive us for our weak faith and grant us more of your Spirit to trust you this day we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 28; Zech. 2:8

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