Prayer: Grant to us, O Lord, the kind blessing of your favor and grace as we learn to run to you as our stronghold in this life full of storms and struggles. Though we are your redeemed people, we stand in great need of the light of your countenance guiding our way throughout our days. As you did for the church of old in giving to them the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night, you guide us with your Word. Therefore, we thank you for your Word and how it guides our steps and teaches us about he who is the light of the world. In him, we find safety, and in him, we find rest for our troubled souls. Though there are plenty of things to cause us to fear — the trials of disease, corrupt leaders, unsettling meetings, financial hardship, and a host of others that come from a fallen world, we have confidence that none of these things will separate us from the love you have for us in Christ. 

We thank you for the weekly reminder of your favor for us as we gather to worship you. There, we find rest from the world’s cares and recreations and those things that cause us to stumble at times. It is there, in your holy presence, that we are reminded of your divine favor as we gaze upon your beauty. It is there that you lift our discouraged minds and teach us your ways. Please help us, Lord, to seize those weekly opportunities to dwell with you and allow us to see them as a picture drawn of our eternal rest and comfort. Please grant us the patience to wait upon you as we pilgrim through this sin-wrecked world and guide us, we pray through Christ, the light of the world. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 27

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