Prayer: Almighty God and Father of all, we bow before your majesty today to worship and adore you. You alone are God, and there is no other. You made all things visible and invisible in the space of six days and all very good. You rested on the seventh day and called that day holy. You separated it from your works of creation and called men to worship you on it. That example you set that before us that we might enjoy you on the Lord’s Day. We pray that you would speak to your people today through your Word as you spoke creation into existence by the word of your power. We pray that your people would delight in this day and honor it by devoting themselves to you like a picture of the glory that awaits us all. Help us, our God, to love you today and grant to us what you command us. We pray these things in the name of Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Gen. 1-2; Ex. 20; Isa. 58

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