Prayer: Our Father in heaven, we thank you for the blessing of another day in which we can honor and serve you, asking that you will make us useful salt and light in a dark and dying world. Father, as we consider our lives, looking back over the last year, we confess that it is too easy to forget your many blessings and ways in which you guided our steps every moment of every day. Please teach us to trust you with all our hearts and lean not on our understanding of what happens to us. Your Word tells us that you promise your people good, and we admit that we are sometimes confused by those things you bring to us. We confess that we struggle to see sickness, disease, poor health, family struggles and dysfunctions, marital disharmony, church issues, and a host of other things as good for us. We know these things are due to our sins, yet you have promised good things for your children. We know and admit that we rarely see these things as good, and we know that we are finite creatures of dust. Indeed, we are as infants compared to your infinite knowledge and wisdom. Still, our God, we struggle to make sense of things because we know that it is not likely we will. We further confess that knowing and practicing theology is different; the first is much easier than the second. Yet, we want to not only know your Word and our God who wrote it, but we also want to live it. Therefore, holy Father, please grant us an experiential faith, trusting you with every circumstance of our day and lives, knowing that though we may struggle to see the good, you are working all things for our good because you have promised to do them. Please grant us trust in you that transcends the circumstances, and may you help us learn and practice what your Word says. These things we ask for the sake of Christ and his kingdom. Amen

Scripture Meditation: Gen. 32:12; Prov. 3:5-6

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