Prayer: Our Father, we confess to you that we are sometimes downcast and discouraged at the affairs of this world, your church, and our lives. We confess that we sometimes allow those circumstances to dominate our minds and emotions, leaving us feeling useless and worthless. Father, in those times, we ought to lift our hearts to you in prayer, pleading for your mercy and grace and focusing our attention not on the circumstances of this world but on your Word. We know that you are for your people and have called them from a life of sin, redeeming us through the blood of your Son. Yet, Father, sometimes we feel terrible and think that, perhaps, you have gone far away. Indeed, there are times when we feel and act like practical atheists instead of blood-bought and adopted children of the Most High God. Forgive us, Lord, and help us. Please help us calm our hearts and sit quietly before your throne in those times of clamor and chaos. Please help us hope in you, the God and Rock of our salvation. Please be merciful to your people we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psalm 131

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