Prayer: Our Father, you who are great and glorious, the thrice holy God, we stand in awe of your kindness and grace today because you have given us many things in your Word to comfort us and help us in our journey in this sin-filled world. As your redeemed people, we have confidence that you will lead us and guide us in the way that is good for us. You are our Shepherd, and we are your sheep. You care for us and help us, and lead us to places that are good for us. We draw confidence from the words that tell us that we will never lack any good thing. You encourage us with the hope of rest, an eternal rest, thus restoring our souls by leading us in the paths of righteousness. You give us your Son, the great Shepherd of the sheep, that we might not fear or fret when we face difficulty. We draw comfort from your promise that you will be with us through times of hardship, never leaving us alone but always giving us what we need. We thank you for pursuing us with goodness and mercy all of our days, and we look forward to dwelling in your house forever. Therefore, Father, please help us to trust in your divine purposes and plans for our lives. Please grant us an increase of trust in your leading and guiding us, for we know that you will never lead us astray. Please help us to walk with you all of our days, and may we live as you have told us, all to the praise of the Passover Lamb who laid down his life for the sheep. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 23; Isa. 43:1-7

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