Prayer: Our God, you who are great and glorious, the one true God of heaven and earth, we bow before your throne, acknowledging your majesty today, knowing that we are creatures of dust, prone to go our way and not yours. We are ashamed, our Father, at how easily we are turned aside to worthless things. We confess that we often give too much energy to things that will pass away. We confess that we often use our time for useless things and fail to seek your kingdom and righteousness with all our hearts. Father, please forgive us and help us. We are weak, but you are strong. The world, the flesh, and the devil easily overrun us. Yet, you have promised to help us, giving us your Spirit, protecting us from our enemies and ourselves. Father, we thank you that you love your church as a father loves the bride of his son. We thank you that you defend your church against those who hate her and seek to ruin her. We thank you for protecting your church from enemies within and without. We confess our lack of love for the bride of Christ as we often display it by absenting ourselves from your worship on the Lord’s Day. We confess our fickle hearts and hypocritical ways and ask that you, our God, forgive us for Christ’s sake. We pray for your church today, asking for your protection, care, love, and provision of all it needs. We pray for those local churches that are struggling. We pray for those churches that are being attacked from within and without. We pray that you will remember them for good, blessing them with an abundance of your grace and your presence and care. We pray for these things through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Mediation: Psalm 129

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