Prayer: Our Father, we read your Word, and we are immediately confronted with your glory and holiness and our sinful nature that stands in desperate need of your redeeming work. Therefore, our God, we plead with you to keep us from the efforts of the Evil One who would destroy us if you permitted it. We do not wish to be like those people described by David, your servant: living with no regard for you, rebellious in heart and action, devising and scheming in such a way that dishonors you. Though we know your steadfast love has been given to us as your adopted children, we are painfully aware that the seed of every sin resides in our blackened hearts. We are embarrassed and ashamed at how easily we stray from your commandments and look like the wicked of this world. Though we are your treasured possession, we sometimes turn to fruitless and worthless things. Forgive us, Father! Please be just and merciful to us — faithful in all your treatment of us in this life. We count on your unchanging love and faithfulness that reaches the clouds. We seek refuge in you as your children to feast on your abundant mercy and grace. We plead with you to keep our feet from slipping and help us watch and pray lest we enter into temptation. Please grant us more of your presence and remind us of your favor given to us through Christ, our Lord. We pray these things in his name. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 36

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