Prayer: Our Father, we live in challenging times and are surrounded by wicked and rebellious people. Some seek the ruin of your church, running to and fro across the earth, seeking to devour those who call upon your name. They are vile, full of rebellion and wickedness. They are evil, pouring forth from their lips venom and wrath. They rise up against your people and seek to do them harm. For our brothers and sisters in these hostile circumstances, we plead with you, the Just Judge of heaven and earth, to defend and uphold. Though your people seek only to do good and bring the light of the Gospel to these people, they are still maimed, wounded, and sometimes killed.

O Father! How long will you allow your people to be subjected to such evil acts? Though your Son says they are blessed when others revile, persecute, and hurt your people, we still grieve over these things. Therefore, Father, contend with those who contend with them. Draw your spear and javelin and rescue your people from the efforts of evil people. Yet, Lord, we long to see these evil people come to faith in Christ. We know that only through the Gospel will these things change. We pray, therefore, that you will open the eyes of malicious men and women and help them see their great need of Jesus Christ, the righteous. We plead with you to do what we cannot do. Though we pray for them, we often see their efforts doubled. Though we weep for those who hate you and your people, we often beg you to change them. Indeed, we pray for their well-being while they continue to trouble your church. We know that we are not to take matters into our own hands. Therefore, we leave the matter to you, the One who judges justly with righteousness and holiness. Please help, O Lord. Please work, we pray. Please rescue our brothers and sisters and save those seeking their ruin. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 35

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