Prayer: Our God in heaven, we thank you for your infinite goodness and grace that you give to helpless creatures each day. We thank you for redeeming us through the work of your beloved Son, who did what we could never do even if you granted us a million lifetimes. We thank you that he used his words for good and not evil; for help and encouragement, and not harm. Though we sin daily with our words, the Lord Jesus never did. He did not cry aloud in the streets and did not break the bruised reed or extinguish the faintly burning wick with his tongue. Yet, we are sinners, and we sin daily in this area. You have given us our tongues to bless and praise you and strengthen others. Yet, we find that we often use them for evil and harm. Forgive us, Father. Please grant us a greater measure of your Spirit so we can control our lips and use them for good.

We desire to use our tongues to bless your name and, from them, pour forth praise. You have given us many reasons to use our tongues in this way. You hear us when we pray and promised to help us in our pilgrimage in this life. You have told us that you will never leave us or forsake us. As poor people, you listen as we cry out to you. You save us from our troubles by reminding us through your Word of your Fatherly care and affection. Help us to see that you are good, and through it, help us to turn those reminders to praise and worship. Please grant us thankful hearts, and may our hearts be accurately reflected in what we say. These things we ask of you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 34

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