Prayer: Our Father in heaven, we bless your name, for you are wonderful and a giver of good fits to men. As your redeemed people, we shout for joy due to the works of your hands and the word of your power in making all things in the space of six days and all very good. Yet, through the sin of our first parents, we died we fell in them and sinned with them and were shut out of your holy presence. Instead of rejecting the crown jewel of your creation, you promised to redeem a people and bring them to you through your glorious work and act of condescension to our lowly estate. Therefore, Father, we have great reason to shout for joy and praise you for saving us! Due to the work of your Son, we have a new song in our hearts. Previously that song was one of misery, but now it is one of joy and gladness because of your Son’s labor on our behalf. You not only saved us, but you also gave us many promises, and as they come from you, they are true and right and will never fail. You have promised to be with us, guide us, help us, provide for us, and deliver us to our heavenly rest. You have promised to defend us from the efforts of the Evil One and help us in times of temptation and trial. You have given all of these things to us in your most holy Word, wherein your righteousness and faithfulness are demonstrated on every page. We thank you, Father, for these great gifts though we often take many of them for granted. Forgive us for acting presumptuously and not expressing joyfully our gratitude for your labors in saving, helping, and preserving us. Please give us more understanding of your love and favor, and may we then live obediently before you we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 33

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