Prayer: Our Father, your Word tells us that you stand able and ready to help us with all that concerns your Redeemed people who you love and care for each moment of every day. Indeed, we need you and desire a fresh renewal of your faithfulness and kindness as we enter a new day. Grant us, we plead with you, to go with us in all those things we must do. We beg you, our God, that you would help us by giving us what you have promised — your Holy Spirit, for we are creatures of dust. We turn easily from that which you command us. Yet, we have good reason to praise and worship you, for you have subdued us to yourself and rule and reign over the nations. Though they rebel against you, you are still the King of all you have made. Though many live as though there is no God, we know that you exist and that you are a great rewarder of those that fear you. Grant, we beg of you a fresh understanding of your majesty and beauty. Remind us, Father, of your constant care for those you love knowing that you will not abandon your church to the devices of the Evil One and the wicked. Go with us today, we plead and help us to love, serve, and worship you with our thoughts, words, and actions. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 47

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