Prayer: Grant to us, your redeemed and loved people, a great reflection on the power you used to claim us from the world of darkness and misery and bring us into your glorious presence. Though we are weak and pitiful creatures of dust, you were pleased to rescue us from the land of bondage, slavery, and sin. In Christ, therefore, we have great reason to hope in you, knowing that you will never abandon us but will continue to persevere us to the very end. Because we are united to you, we have great confidence that all your enemies and ours will be cast down and driven from the land you promised to give to us. As we await the New Heavens and the New Earth and the things that the eye has not seen or the ear heard about what you will give to your treasured possession, we know that we languish in a dark and dying place. The decay, Father, is all around us. The darkness, at times, is overwhelming. Yet, you are our King! You rule in righteousness, faithfulness, and perfect justice. No sin against your people will be ignored. Though we may suffer alongside the wicked, in the end, we will be vindicated for your name’s sake. Though your visible church may wallow and wither in their foolishness, we know that you will perfect in us that which is well-pleasing to you. Therefore, Father, we will not shrink from doing what is right. We will not turn aside profitless things. Though denominations may totter and fall, churches crumble and break under the weight of this decaying world, your covenant people you have eternally saved will never be moved. You will not reject us, for that would require you to reject your Son. Grant us the will, desire, zeal, and strength to walk according to your holy Word. By your Spirit, encourage and help us persevere in the faith once delivered to the saints. These things we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 44

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