Prayer: Our God in heaven, we are surrounded by wicked and rebellious people who parade ungodliness before our eyes. Day after day, we are forced to pilgrim among those who reject your holy name and rebel against your commandments. We confess that there are times when it is very difficult to do so. Their influence is often great, and the trouble they bring is often arduous. Yet, we know that you are near to those who call out to you. You are the one true God of heaven and earth, and we take refuge in you. Though there are times when it seems that you are distant, we know that you are near to those who cry out to you for help in times of hardship. Indeed, our Father, you are near to us through the light of your Word, which comforts and encourages us in this adulterous generation. Further, you give to us your worship each Lord’s Day as we come apart from those things that we face each day to rejoice in your presence and fellowship with your people. However, sometimes we feel cast down and weary, but your Word and worship give us hope. Therefore, we will hope in you, come what may, for we know you will never abandon the people you love. These things we pray, with boldness and confidence, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 43

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