Prayer: Our blessed God and Father, we give you praise this morning because you are good and righteous. In you alone dwells perfect righteousness and holiness. As we come to you, we are reminded of our fallen condition and our unrighteousness. We fall short of your glory each day. Often we forget you, your Word, and your commands. Forgive us for being so careless with your precepts, testimonies, commands, and law. Forgive us for setting our minds on things of this life instead of the things above. Thank you for being patient and kind and forgiving to your people. 

We pray that you would be kind to your church, the bride of your Son. WE ask that you purify her and cleanse her and make her ready for her bridge-groom. We long for the day when the Savior returns. We look, with great expectation, for the New Heaven and the New Earth. So, we pray that your Son would come quickly, perhaps even today. As we wait, help your people to walk in your ways. Guard our steps and help us to trust you with all of our hearts. We ask these things in Christs’ Name. Amen. 

Scripture meditation: Prov. 3:5-6; Col. 3; Rev. 21

Tags: #trust, #wisdom #forgiveness #newheaven #newearth

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