Prayer: We bow before you, our Father, at the beginning of a new day and a new week. We have been blessed to hear from your Son in the preaching of your Word this Lord’s Day. Grant to us a willing mind to mediate and confer with what we heard, that we may bring forth the fruit of it in our lives. As we approach you, we plead with you to listen to our prayers. Please consider the words of our groaning and give attention to the cries of your people. We live in a godless and immoral land. The enemies of our lives are those of our household. We know that you do not delight in wickedness, and there are much of that these days. Help your people to take refuge in you and sing for joy because you are our God, and you care for your people. Bless the righteous and cover them with a shield. 

Father, be pleased to work in the heart of our leaders of the country. We ask that you would be pleased to rescue them from their sin and set their feet on the solid rock that is Christ. Be merciful to them and bring them the glorious truth of the Gospel. We ask that you would use their intentions and actions for the good of your church. Be merciful and faithful to your people as we face difficult days ahead. We ask these things, knowing that you hear us, in the Name of Christ. Amen. 

Scripture meditation: Psa. 5; 1 Tim. 2; 1 Tim. 4:10; Amos 9:8-9; Matt. 16:18; Isa. 43:1-5

Tags: #preaching #immorality #wickedness #gospel

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