Prayer: Our God in heaven, you alone are majestic and mighty. We exalt you this morning for the great salvation that you have provided in the Lord Jesus Christ. We thank you, our God, that you answer your people when they cry out to you. We praise your name because you listen to the cries of your children. In sorrow or pain, you are quick to listen to us as we pour out our hearts to you. Forgive us, Father, for often turning aside to other things instead of running to you with our concerns. Help us to seek after you in difficult seasons of our lives. 

We ask that you would be gracious to your people who are mourning and grieving over the loss of a loved one or friend — grant to them the comfort and grace that only you can bring. Be gracious to them, we ask. We also pray that you would help us — to frame our day in such a way that in all that we do, we would do it to your glory. Help us and be merciful to us; we pray in Christs’ Name. Amen. 

Scripture meditation: Rom. 8; 1 Pet. 5:7; 1 Cor. 10:31

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