Prayer: In you, O Lord, do we take refuge as we pilgrim through this world full of many cares, concerns, opposition, and the battle we have with our flesh. We thank you, Father, that through Christ, we can flee to you, not because there is any righteousness in us, but because of the righteousness of Christ imputed to us and received by faith alone. Through Him, we have bold access to the Most Holy Place. There we find rest, comfort, and hope to continue as the church militant in this sinful and adulterous generation. We thank you that you hear us when we cry out to you and praise you for giving us prayer to help us in the journey to our heavenly rest. In you, we find a sure foundation knowing that you will lead and guide us by your divine providence, which always works for your glory and our good. Therefore, we pray that you will help us not to lean on our understanding of things but to trust and acknowledge you in all events and circumstances we meet today. Please grant us the zeal and perseverance to not trust in the idols of this world and the ones we tend to fashion, but only in you, who is our help and comfort in a dark and dying world. We are humbled at your kindness in not leaving us to our desires and nature, but instead, you rescued us from death and the grave, giving relief to our distressed souls. Please do not lead us into temptation today, but if you do, please sustain and uphold us so that we may successfully battle the world, the flesh, and the devil. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 31:1-8

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