Prayer: Our Father, we thank you for your promised protection over the affairs of our lives. We are thankful to you because there is no other who can help us in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. No power, force, enemy, or plague can truly threaten your people, for you are mighty and care for your redeemed people. Therefore, we look to you for all things affecting our lives. We look to you for help and strength, knowing that you will comfort and help us as we pilgrim to our heavenly rest. Yet, Father, we know that there are times when we struggle to trust you. We confess that we sometimes become anxious and worry about things we cannot control. You promise to give us our daily bread, but then we worry about it. You promise to help us, and then we worry you will leave us to our devices. You promise to protect us, and then we fret about the actions of evil people. You promise to deliver us to our heavenly rest, and then we worry about growing old and the effects of sin in this fallen world. Forgive us, Father. Please help us remember that we do not need to grow anxious or worry, for our help is in the name of the Lord. Please help us to remember your promises, and may they give us encouragement and strength in this evil and wicked generation. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Mediation: Psa. 123

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