Prayer: Grant almighty God that we, as your redeemed people who have been called by your name, would honor you in the ways you have commanded. You have given us your moral law and taught us what is good, right, and holy. We grieve our failure in all areas of your law, and we especially lament our lack of zeal for the Christian Sabbath, the Lord’s Day. We are ashamed of how worldly we are as we order our day. Too often, we engage in behavior and activities contrary to the demands of your law — a law you gave for our good as the Sabbath is made for man and not man for the Sabbath. We confess that we are short-sighted of what the Lord’s Day exemplifies for us: our eternal rest. Our Father, forgive us and help us to take full advantage of the day set apart as holy as we gather as your people, sing your praises, pray, and hear you speak to us through the preaching of your Word. 

We pray today for your church as she gathers to worship you. We pray that you would cause them to seek first your kingdom and righteousness. We ask that you would bless the proclamation of your Word — that it would go out as a powerful demonstration of your Spirit, convincing the hearts and minds of your people and all who can hear what you demand. Please be merciful and kind to your church we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Gen. 2:1-3; Ex. 20:8-11; Is. 58:13-14

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