Prayer: Glorious God in heaven, you who are great and mighty, the only true God, we bow before you today to worship and adore you. You are our God, and we are your people. Due to the work of the Great High Priest, we now have an advocate with you. Thus, when we sin, we can plead your grace and forgiveness due to the work of your Son. Forgive us, Father, for falling short of your glory. Help us to seek first your righteousness. Grant to us your Spirit so we can do all that you have commanded us to do. 

Be with your people today. Many are struggling with debilitating illness and disease. Be with those of your family who are laboring in hospitals and suffering under the curse of the fall. Use these times to show forth your glory and kindness to them. Your word tells us that you are a God of mercy and comfort. Thus, remember your promises to your people and help them. We pray this in the name of Christ. Amen. 

Scripture meditation: Isa. 6; Matt. 6:33; 2 Cor. 1

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