Prayer: Our God, you who dwell in perfect safety and peace because you are the one true God of heaven, we thank you for drawing us to yourself and calling us to trust you because you are infinitely trustworthy. We are like the city that can never be moved because you are in the midst of her, and it abides forever. You draw your people to reside in your most holy place, communing with you and drawing comfort from you. You tend to us as your redeemed people. As a loving Father, you care for and watch over us in difficult and trying times. We are thankful that the wicked will never overthrow your holy mountain, the land allotted to the righteous. Because of your work, we have peace always. Yet, our God, we confess that there are times when we stray from the safety of your presence. We confess that we are quickly turned aside, led down the mountain of your holy dwelling, and find ourselves languishing in the dung heap of this corrupt and failing world. Forgive us for those times, Father. Please teach us to trust you, and please pursue us in those times when we stray from your holy place. We pray these things in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psalm 125

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