Prayer: Our Father, we praise your name and adore your works of mercy and kindness that you give to undeserving sinners. We thank you that you have not treated us as we deserve, and we are incredibly thankful for that fact when we consider the words of the psalmist and the efforts of evil people to hurt and ruin your church and the people you have called by name. We confess that we sometimes wonder why you allow wicked and evil people to bring damage and hurt to your son’s bride. We admit that our understanding of these things is small and extremely limited. Yet, we still cry out to you for help in our distress. Like the psalmist, we are under constant threat from the world and the enemy of our souls. We see the efforts of evil and proud people who boast in ignorance. With stubborn necks, they proclaim that there is no God. With arrogant words, they curse and decide and oppress your people. We witness how they mistreat the poor and lowly among us. We grieve at their actions and first pray that you would open their eyes to the truth of the Gospel and the hope of Christ. We ask that you recuse those who perform such wickedness from their sin. O Father, you delight in the forgiveness of the rebellious, for you have done that for us. Therefore, please do it for them as well! Do it for your name’s sake and your glory. Do it for the good of your church. We pray that you will accomplish your holy will in these things, and we pray that if you do not save them, you will restrain their efforts to harm your people. Please help us to love them as our Savior has taught us, and help us to strive to advance your kingdom in front of their eyes. These things we pray for the sake of Christ and His kingdom. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 10

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