Prayer: Our most glorious and gracious God, you who are a stronghold for the weak and weary, the oppressed and struggling, we thank you and praise you that you are the One we can run to and be safe from the efforts of this dark, evil, and adulterous world. Yet, we are reminded of the importance of being thankful and thinking over the mighty work you have done in our lives. Therefore, Father, please help us to recount all of your marvelous deeds in our lives. Bring to mind the many ways you have been kind and gracious – indeed, you are generous to your people! We thank you, Father, for the gift of salvation that brings us union and communion with the One who made all things and decrees all things. We thank you for the abiding presence of your Holy Spirit, who watches over us and guides us throughout the day. We thank you for your Word, which reveals yourself to us and tells us who you are and what you require from us. We thank you for the comfort it brings us as we pilgrim through difficult places in life. We thank you for the hope of glory and the hope of seeing our Savior. We thank you for your daily care for us, giving us our daily bread and sustaining us in times of temptation. We thank you for being good to us. Therefore, Father, we praise you and look forward to another Lord’s Day when we gather with your church and with all those you have equally blessed in this life. We look forward to singing praises to you and about you and hearing from you. O God, make us a thankful people we ask and pray through Christ our Lord. Amen,

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 9

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