Prayer: Grant favor to your people, O Lord, and hear the cries of your children as we wrestle through the affairs of this life and struggle, at times, to walk according to the counsel and purpose of your holy will. We plead with you to hear our cries and heed our words as we set them before you. We know and are comforted that you do not turn a deaf ear to your adopted children. As our Father, you stand able and ready to help us. For that, we offer you thanks, knowing that we do not deserve the least of your mercies. You have told us to come and set our burdens on you. Therefore, we pray in the morning and then watch and wait for your kind acts of benevolence and care throughout our day. We pray about the matters facing your church as we see wicked and unrighteous people wage war against it and your people. We live in a land that is rebellious to the core. We live among people who call good evil and evil good. These things are hard for us to understand at times. Yet, we are blessed in knowing that we can come before you, especially on the Lord’s Day, and plead with you, our God, and take refuge in you. Please help us, Father! Pour out your Holy Spirit on your church. Protect and guide her and lead her in the paths of righteousness for your name’s sake. Bless us, O God, and cover us with a shield against the efforts of evil people. These things we pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Scripture Mediation: Psa. 5

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