Prayer: Our Father in heaven, you alone are holy, and you alone are sovereign, ordering all things according to your own will and purpose for the sake of your glory and the good of your holy people, the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our lips issue praise, and our hearts are warmed by your expressions of kindness given to undeserving sinners. All of your works demand praise from those made in your image. All of your acts invoke glad praise from your people. Your infinite grace humbles us. You have blessed us with your presence, and you grant us prayer so we can commune with you and find comfort and rest from all that troubles us. Like the psalmist, we beg you to hear us as we cry out to you daily for those things that concern us. When we sin, you are pleased to bend the ear to our lowly state and forgive us. When we are troubled by the affairs of this world, you are pleased to listen, act, and do what is good for your church. Indeed, you are our refuge and strength. When we are assailed by the wicked of this world, you remind us in your Word of your purpose for us and the terrible end for those who are your enemies. Therefore, Father, please be kind to us and forgive us for our transgressions. We ask that you hear us when we confess our sins and humble ourselves before you. We further ask that you protect us from the efforts of the Evil One who, through the evil actions of others, seek to harm us. We also ask that you remind us today that all the chaotic affairs of this world are in your hands. Please help us to trust you with all our hearts, we ask, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Mediation: Psa. 88

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