Prayer: Father, today we are reminded of the words of the psalmist when he proclaimed that it is good to go to the house of the Lord. We are grateful that you have prepared this day for your people, and we thank you for the privilege we have to gather with your people and sing your praise and hear from you as your Word is read and proclaimed. We ask that you would be pleased to meet with your people, that you would render the heavens and come down and show your goodness and kindness. May you be pleased with all that your people do today. Where your worship is faithful, we ask for a blessing upon it. Where your Word is faithfully preached, we ask for great fruit. Through all that happens today, we ask that you would remind us of that eternal rest that we look for and hope for and count on because of your promises and your Son. We pray this in the Name of Christ. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Ps. 122:1; Isa. 64:1; Heb. 4

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