Prayer: Grant Almighty God that we would remember how zealous you are for your glory and worship. You have commanded that we have no other gods in your sight. We are painfully aware of how prone we are to make idols out of everything good. We create and fashion them in our hobbies, recreation, entertainment. We develop them out of our loved ones, family members, spouses, and children. We replace you with them and those other good things you have blessed us with in our lives. Indeed the “The mind of man, I say, is like a workplace of idolatries, and every one of us is, even from his mother’s womb, a master craftsman of idols.” Please show us plainly those ways in which we have sinned against you and grant us the desire to strip those idols down from that exalted place that should be reserved for you alone. We know that if we hold too tightly to them, you will not bless us and may even remove them. Therefore, holy Father, do not let us wallow in the madness of idolatry that so ensnared your people of old. Please grant us your Holy Spirit to help us to do what you command. We humbly pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Ex. 20:3; 1 Chron. 28:9; Is. 45: 20-25; Matt. 4:10; Ps. 14:1; Rom. 1:20-21; Ps. 81:10; Ezek. 8:16-18

Note: The quote is taken from a sermon on Deut. 11 by John Calvin

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