Prayer: Our God, you who are the Good Shepherd of the Sheep, we bow before you today to bless and praise your holy name. Though we are prone to wander, and though we are inclined to flee to pastures that are not which you designed for us, you still tend to our every need, often leaving the ninety-nine and pursuing after the one. We thank you that you have made us and that we belong to you because you have adopted us into your family, the very family of the flock of the whole church from age to age. Therefore, our God, we pray that you make us a thankful people come what may in our lives. Though this journey has many pitfalls and snares, we plead with you to lead us as a Shepherd leads his sheep to those places of safety and rest. We further pray that you will keep leading us to that heavenly rest promised to all those who love you because you first loved them. We ask that you bring to mind this day all the reasons we have to be thankful. Indeed, you have not treated us as we deserve. Our sins should have brought your eternal wrath on us, but instead, they were poured out on the Passover Lamb, thus rescuing us from the pasture of death and bringing us to the pasture of life. WE thank you that you daily care for every need we have. We thank you that your hand of providence is always on us, though it is often unseen. We thank you for the means you give us to follow you. We are grateful for those things we can touch, taste, smell, and hold. We are thankful for your Word in our language that tells us about you and what you require from us. We thank you that it is a light for our path. We thank you that we can pray, knowing that you hear the cries of the sheep of your pasture. We thank you for those times when we are struggling because it is then that we learn to depend on you. We thank you for those times of plenty because we know it comes from your kind hand. Forgive us, Father, for our sins and transgressions and our tendency to look for relief from the world in which we live. Forgive us for thinking that the grass is greener in another pasture. Please grant us the perseverance to stay the course given by our Good Shepherd, and may we follow him all of our days. We pray these things in the name of the Lord Jesus, the Good Shepherd of the sheep. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 100

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