Prayer: Our gracious and kind God, we give you thanks and sing to you because you have done great things for us through your infinite power and wisdom. You have worked salvation in us through the work of your beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. In days of old, you demonstrated your power over the enemies of your church by confusing the efforts of man to make a great name for themselves, by dominating the efforts of Pharaoh to destroy your covenant people, and by bringing them through the Red Sea unharmed. You continued to show forth your might and power by giving manna and water to your people as they journeyed in the wilderness. You further strengthened them by giving them your law and teaching them all your commandments. Day after day, you did great and glorious things for your people, leading and guiding them through the various difficulties of their lives. Yet, they rebelled against you. Despite all you did for them, they would not believe you. Though your steadfast love was seen, they turned aside from you to other gods. We, too, have witnessed your might and seen your salvation. You have dragged us from the cords of sin, opened our eyes and ears, and given us the presence of your Spirit, renewing our minds and hearts to walk according to your ways. We do not desire to be like the church of old. We know that we are dust and easily wander from your commands. Forgive us, Father. Please help us learn from our fathers’ errors and cause us to walk humbly with you. Please grant us the joy of our salvation and help us express it with words, song, and life all of our days. We pray these things through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 98

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