Prayer: Our God, nothing in heaven and earth is more worthy of our worship than you. You are the one true God, and there is no other. You have redeemed us and rescued us from the bonds of slavery. Each day, you grace us with your favor and love and extend your faithfulness to us. You are kind to us, not treating us as our sins deserve. Indeed, we have great reason to make a joyful noise to you, who is the rock of our salvation. We thank you for giving us the means by which we can worship you. We have our minds, allowing us to meditate on your Word. We have our voices, allowing us to sing praises to you. We have our feet and hands, allowing us to live our lives to your glory. Therefore, holy Father, we pray and plead that we would honor and adore you for the infinite goodness displayed in your creation and our lives.

May you cause us to kneel before you, the great king, our Lord, and maker, and give you the honor, praise, love, adoration, and affection you deserve. You are our God, and we are the sheep of your pasture. You tend to us with care. You lead us and guide us each day. You do not abandon us to the efforts of the Evil One, but, instead, uphold us when he assails us. Please help us, Lord, to love you. Please grant us more of your Spirit and stir up in us fervent affection for you. We pray these things in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 95

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