Prayer: Our Father in heaven, we bow before you once again to plead our case before you. You are the only true sovereign of heaven and earth, and we bless your name. You are holy, and we are sinful. You have made us to worship you, and we often fall short of that purpose. We are told to bring you glory in all that we do. We fail, and we are ashamed. Forgive us, Lord. Grant to us a greater measure of your Spirit so we may honor you and love you with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

We live in uncomfortable and trying days. We know that this has come from your hand. You have prevented your people from gathering on the Lord’s Day. We mourn this loss and weep over this chastisement in our lives. Help us, Father, be working in us that which we need to learn and restore to us the great blessing of the gathering of your saints. We pray this in Christs’ Name. Amen. 

Scripture meditation:  Rom. 3:23; Psa 42


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