Q4 What is God?
God is a Spirit, (John 4:24) infinite, (Job 11:7–9) eternal, (Ps. 90:2) and unchangeable, (James 1:17) in his being, (Exod. 3:14) wisdom, (Ps. 147:5) power, (Rev. 4:8) holiness, (Rev. 15:4) justice, goodness, and truth. (Exod. 34:6–7)

Prayer: Our great and glorious God, we bless and praise your name today because you are the only true God, and there is no other. Your Word tells us what you are, and it reveals your nature to your creatures. We praise you for disclosing yourself to us though we are unworthy of your self-revelation. In your Word, we read of your infinite nature — you are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Words fail to describe your infinitude adequately, and, as such, we struggle to explain it. You are from everlasting to everlasting, and your wisdom and power are without end. Because you are infinite, you know all things and hold all things in your hand. Therefore, we can trust you with every detail of our lives. Forgive us for forgetting about your infinite care and love for us. Forgive us for worrying about matters we cannot control. Grant to us a renewed understanding of your character and help us, by your Spirit, to lean wholly upon you. We pray these things with thanksgiving and confidence in our Great High Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Job 11:7-9; Is. 45:5; Rev. 1:8

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