Prayer: Our God in heaven, we plead with you that you would accomplish your holy will in the lives of your people and the world in which we live. You alone are the one, true God of heaven and earth, and it is to you that we look and depend. Our lives are full of hardship as we pilgrim through it as weary strangers called by Your holy Name to love and serve You. As a result, we often find ourselves under the cruel efforts of evil people. We are not surprised by the behavior of people who do not know you because your Son told us that it would happen; indeed, the persecution of the godly is rampant, it seems, in every corner of the earth. We see our brothers and sisters tortured, for your Name’s sake. We see others ignored for promotions, called names, marginalized in many ways, and ignored.  Therefore, holy Father, we pray that you hear our cry for their and our own sake. We cry out to you because you can resolve everything wrong in this world. We see the evil efforts of people who, under cover of darkness, seek to destroy us and bring to ruin our lives. Yet, you are the one who defends us, and it is to you that we trust, knowing that you will vindicate your people. Please help us, as your redeemed and cherished people, and preserve us from the efforts of the Evil One. We pray these things in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 64

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