Prayer: Our God, we give you thanks for the marvelous and mighty deeds you display each day to your creatures. We thank you because you are good and always do what is just and right, promoting your glory and majesty, working all things according to the counsel of your most holy will for the good of your people. Though we are sinners and do sin daily in thought, word, and deed, you are pleased to forgive all those who humble themselves before you. We are reminded in your Word of the many examples of your loving-kindness in persevering a people. We are reminded of the people of old who sinned before you at the Red Sea by rebelling against you. Yet, you saved them by bringing them safely through it on dry ground. Though your people deserved your displeasure, you preserved them, conquering all their enemies. As a result, they sang to you of your marvelous work that is beyond comprehension. Like the church of old, we, too, rebel and disobey. Like our fathers before us, we often forget your deeds and stray from your commands. Forgive us, Father. Please help us often reflect on your glory and goodness and the many ways you help us. Please give us a great understanding of your patience with us and cause us, by your Spirit, to praise you for not treating us as our sins deserve. 

We pray for those who struggle under the weight of this fallen world, asking that you would remind them of your comfort and love — a love that had no beginning as it has no end. We beg you to relieve them of their distresses, whether physical, emotional, relational, or financial. We know that you are good and will do what is useful for your people, and for that, we thank you. We further pray that you would use these times of sorry and difficulty to sanctify your people completely. We confess our misery due to our sin, knowing that we deserve much worse, ever mindful that you do not treat us as our sins deserve. Therefore, Father, please lift the burden of your struggling people and encourage them today with the glory of Christ, who loves us and gave himself for us. These things we pray through the name of your Son and our Lord, Jesus Christ the righteous. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Ps. 106; Ex. 14-15; 1 Thess. 5:23

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