For some, the lesson of contentment is a lesson that is often learned through bitter experience and dark providences. Some may be experiencing them right now. I am reminded of the apostle Paul’s words in that he learned contentment through his circumstances (Phil. 4:10-13).

There is a “quiet sense” about contentment. It is not flashy. It is not going to be offered by most as one of the top five of Christian virtues, usually. It is, however, invaluable as you pilgrim through this fallen world.

How can you know you are learning contentment? When you find your hope in Christ often and not on fallible people. When you rest on His promises to you in His good time and way, and when you are pleased to say, “this is not my plan for me, but I want what you want, Lord.” When you find that you’re complaining less and less about the circumstances of your life that you will know that you are learning contentment.

Contentment is not about trying harder. It is about submitting to the will of a Father who loves you. It is about praying His promises to you and pleading for more grace through the difficult times. It comes as you ask the Holy Spirit to help you. It comes by faith, believing that your Father in heaven is for you.

I know it is hard. I do. However, it is in the face of dark providences that we see the brilliance of our loving Father more clearly. Look to him, dear friend and fellow sufferer. He alone is your only hope.

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