Note: This is a copy of an announcement I made on Facebook:
This announcement has been on my mind for a few weeks. I have struggled with how to say it while conveying my deep-felt love for the church that I have had the privilege to serve for over three years.
On September 6th, I announced my decision to accept the call of Providence Church Evansville (a PCA congregation). It was a tough decision. Words fail me and do not adequately convey my emotions when I say that I will miss the people at Fellowship Presbyterian Church.

My love for them and their patience with me will always be with me. I learned much about ministering in the trenches over these last three years. I will always love these people and will miss them dearly. I look forward to what the Lord has in store for my wife and me in Evansville. Please pray for God’s people in Newport, TN, as well as those in Evansville, IN. Please pray this weekend as I preach my last sermon as the pastor of this dearly loved church.
Changing seasons is the title of this post. As I move from Summer to Fall, metaphorically, I am also changing seasons from East Tennessee to southern Indiana. As I face this change, many things cause anxiety. First, there is a need to find suitable housing. Second, there is the privilege and joy of meeting new people and having the responsibility to care for their spiritual well-being. Third, there is the fun (and frustration) of learning a new area (I am very thankful for GPS). As I ponder these changes, I am reminded of our God, who never changes. His promises of yesterday are still the same today. His faithfulness is new every morning. His constant care for his people is a huge comfort during changing seasons of life. As I meditate on his kindness to me, I am comforted by his divine providence in leading us into these changing seasons and the opportunity to trust him completely with all that we need. 
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